Congratulations!“Amazing Grace Biology”selected as "2017 Hunan Top Ten Most Growth High-tech Enterprise"

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December 12, sponsored by Hunan High-Tech Enterprise Association, undertake by Changsha High-tech Enterprise Association, Changsha Professional Managers Association, 2017 Hunan Province "three excellent" selection list fresh out.

The selection vote since November 17, 2017 on the line, to the December 2 18:00 closed the polling channel, lasted 15 days, visit the volume of nearly 5 million people.


In the tide of the Invovation Times, innovation is the soul. Hunan, which carries 70,000,003 of Hunan children's well-off well-being, is rising rapidly in the unprecedented pace of innovation and has created one legend after another. Of these, nearly 2000 High-tech enterprises in Hunan Province play a vital role.

These businesses, and these great entrepreneurs, are already writing a moving chapter.

As the backbone of the Xiang Army, high-tech enterprises deserve more social praise.

Hunan Amazing Grace Ltd.,Co. is honored

“2017 Top Ten Most Growth High-tech Enterprises in Hunan”



Hunan Amazing Grace devoted to“health”and“beauty”two major industries,always insist“Technology is the primary productive force, innovation is the first driving force”core strategy.Based on the "agricultural plant resources", the use of modern agricultural technology and high-sharp biotechnology, vigorously develop intensive processing industry, extend the industrial chain, increase the value-added products. At present, the company has been "national High-tech enterprises" identified.


The company has invested more than 20 million yuan in research and development, acquired advanced instruments and equipments at home and abroad, set up product research and development and testing platform, established Enterprise Engineering Technology Center, and declared more than 40 patented technical achievements, and obtained "Excellent Invention Patent Award" for three consecutive years.



At the same time, a strong scientific research team consisting of more than 20 experts and professors from home and abroad has been established, and it has cooperated with Central South University of Forestry and Technology, Hunan Agricultural University, South China University of Technology, Jishou University, Hunan Academy of Forestry, and the Hunan Kiwifruit Industrialization Engineering Research Center. Seven universities and research institutes such as the Michigan Technological University in the United States have cooperated in production, research and development.


 Thanks for the great support from all the friends during the selection


In the future, Amazing Grace Biology will continue to invest in scientific research,  introduction of High-quality talent Team, enhance the enterprise core competitiveness, enrich the enterprise independent innovation development stamina; At the same time, further strengthen the company's technical innovation capability and the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, for the enterprise sustained, healthy and rapid development to provide strong technical support,refueling for the "beautiful" and "health "!